What You Should Know About Sex

Good day readers… I came across this post in my facebook feeds and I deemed it wise to share with you and help save at least a soul out there… It’s titled: “23 TRUTHS I KNOW ABOUT SEX”. I believe it was shared by an experienced and married couple and you should read this.

It goes thus:

1. You can never ever have the best of sex outside of marriage.

2. Only sex with your husband or wife is a sexual intercourse without shame and regret.

3. There is always a spiritual force which pulls you to your sexual partners if you keep in touch with them after marriage.

4. The memories of all your sexual escapade has a way of resurfacing when you are having sex with your spouse.

5. You have a 95% [very high] tendency of comparing your spouse’s libido with your Ex’s.

6. You can have a countless number of people you have had sex with before marriage if you don’t stop NOW.

7. The moment you are jilted/ heartbroken, you wish you have never had sex with the person.

8. Men only have Raw, Wild and Rough sex with ladies who worth nothing to them, no responsible married man will treat his wife so. Real men make love with their wives.

9. If he doesn’t love you, sex can NEVER win his heart for you: he can always get sex anywhere [YES! He can… He’s a man].

10. If he threatens to quit the relationship because you want to remain pure, then he wants nothing [and NOTHING] more from you than SEX… SEX… SEX…

11. Abstinence doesn’t kill; if it does, I won’t be here posting these messages.

12. You are in a bondage and need deliverance if he says he’s leaving you and you are using sex to keep him staying.

13. If a lady begs/seduces you for sex, you are dining with Pharaoh’s wife or Delilah. Your matrimonial bed is not safe. Don’t marry her.

14. God created sex and He wants you to enjoy it for life.

15. Very soon in your marriage, there will be nights when you will turn your back at your husband / wife and say “Honey please leave me, allow me to sleep… I am not in the mood tonight” You will get tired! hmmm

16. You can never ever enjoy sex with nylon or baloon called condom neither can you enjoy unsafe sex without fears.

17. Condom cannot protect you from curses and soul tie

18. You become ONE FLESH, ONE SPIRIT with who you have sex with. Sex is a bond that ties a man and woman for life. God planned it so.

19. Stop sex for a season and see if he will still stay with you and love you MORE LIKE NEVER BEFORE. I doubt it.

20. Sad enough, some men wish for a virgin (fresh blood) when they are set to get married.

22. Sexually transmitable diseases are not air-borne diseases; you contact them through human being.

23. There is no extra pain if you stay pure till marriage. A sweet pain! for no matter how painful the deflowering process is, the pain of abortion process is much more.



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