5 Tips of Getting The Best From Books

Reading the right books (Christina literature, career and personal development books, general interest materials) and applying their messages appropriately to your life can make 2014 your best year ever. Here are some guidelines for you:

  1. See each book you read as containing a formula, an idea that can transform your business and personal life. Then, go in search of the nugget. Every author has an idea he wants to convey before deciding to put it in a book format. Go and get it.
  2. Don’t read every book you come across. Be purpose-driven in your reading adventure. It helps if you can first find out about the author. Has he or she practiced what he or she is preaching in the book? Read books with personal testimonies.
  3. Scan through the book first. Look AT THE OUTLINE AND LEAF THROUGH all the pages rapidly. You can select the sections that address your concerns and read them extensively with the purpose of getting some nuggets.
  4. Have a diary by your side. Someone said that a good pencil is better than a sharp memory. Your memory can fail you. Record your thoughts both in the book and on your wisdom diary. You will need these insights later.
  5. Put into immediate action any insight you have gained from the book. This is the hardest part as many can read tonnes of books without actually being blessed by such an effort. You only own the idea when you apply it and it works for you. Happy Reading!

[Source: MFM Business Fellowship Bulletin – a publication of Productivity Enhancement Forum (PEF)]

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