Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Google+ LinkedIn The MFM Expectant Family International Headquarters, Lagos invites you to GOD HATH MADE ME TO LAUGH (Genesis 21:6) A 5-day Deliverance Program & The 2nd Quarterly Couples Vigil tagged: [A NIGHT WITH THE GOD OF SHILOH] Date: June 19th, 2014 Time: 10:00pm Venue: MFM Ministries […]

Christian Event : MFM Expectant Family 5-Day Deliverance Program

Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Google+ LinkedIn Good day readers… I came across this post in my facebook feeds and I deemed it wise to share with you and help save at least a soul out there… It’s titled: “23 TRUTHS I KNOW ABOUT SEX”. I believe it was shared by an […]

What You Should Know About Sex