TWET : Return To Your Maker

Daily Care From On High
Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jeremiag 18:11-17

“…So turn from your evil ways, each one of you, anf reform your ways and your actions.” Jeremiah 18:11

The people of Israel were a people that continually rebelled against God. In today’s text, the Lord told them that every one of them should return from his evil ways. He admonished the people to make their ways and their doings good. Instead of paying heed to the Lord, the people were more determined to continue in their evil ways. The declared that there was no hope in their returning to Him and declared that each of them would do according to the imaginations of his evil heart. This was outright rebellion agaist their Maker. The children of Israel were ready to continue sinning against God.

Can the state of the children of Israel not be likened to the state of the children of God today, who though they know what they are doing is contrary to what God demands of them, yet they continue to do it?! Oh that we cry for mercy for ways we have hurt Christ.

Pray and make it up with your Maker today.

Good Morning.